We Are

Our Story

Catuai Coffee was born out of a passion that goes back generations. A family of Italians who came to Brazil a long time ago. With a lot of love and dedication this family has planted and harvested coffee for generations. Today, part of this family is still dedicated to this important production. They have been producing high quality arabica beans since 1940 but the tradition started much earlier with their Italian ancestors in 1887 when they first arrived at Parana State, in southern Brazil where their green plantations now flourish. This rich heritage can be tasted in every cup or bag you buy from Catuai Coffee Company!

Our Mission

We are committed to making the customer happy and satisfied. We want our customers feel inspired, nurtured by their mood-lifting cup of coffee or tea in each hand! One person can make such an impact on another's life - let us help you do just that too with every sipful we deliver at home or work today
In addition: Each neighborhood has its own personality; audiences vary widely from city blocks all around this country--we're here for everyone who needs caffeine delivered fresh whenever they need it most.

    Who we are

    We are the ones who share a love for coffee. We come from all over and find ourselves united in our passion, around this one thing: The caffeine-induced high that only lasts minutes but leaves you feeling refreshed long after consuming it!
    We're lovers; we've been together since before most of us could remember because my great grandfather started his galactic empire with just two cups at dawn's early light (and some milk). Our family tree is traced back through time like rays shooting outwards into space--coffee Bean fileds along their path towards enlightenment until they reaches